St. Mary's Episcopal Church
Welcome to St. Mary's Episcopal Church
Established 1869
St Mary's Church

What We Believe


Three important things show us the way to understanding our God and our world.

The Bible -- We believe that God and God's people can speak to us through the Bible. All the things we need for a good life are in there.

Our Tradition -- We are a church with many old stories. Some of these stories connect us to Jesus and the things he taught us. Some of the stories help us understand what other people think about God and Jesus. Many of these traditions are expressed in our worship using the Book of Common Prayer. ('Common' means for all people)

Thinking -- The Episcopal Church does not have a human-made set of rules for being God's people. We believe that in our life with God we should use our minds --we should think about the Bible, tradition and our own experience.

The Church IS The People of God
The church is not a building where people go to worship God. The church is all of God's people. God's people work in the world to help other people know about God's love for all people. All of God's people do God's work.
The church carries out its mission through the ministry of all its members. The ministers of the Church are lay persons, bishops, priests, and deacons.
The ministry of lay persons is to represent Christ and his Church; to bear witness to him wherever they may be; and, according to the gifts given them, to carry on Christ's work of reconciliation in the world; and to take their place in the life, worship, and governance of the Church.
The ministry of a priest is to represent Christ and his Church, particularly as pastor to the people; to share with the bishop in the overseeing of the Church; to proclaim the Gospel; to administer the sacraments; and to bless and declare pardon in the name of God.
All Christians are to follow Christ; to come together week by week for corporate worship; and to work, pray, and give for the spread of the kingdom of God.

Adapted from: "Episcopalians", adapted by Robert H. Grindrod from Episcopales, published by Forward Movement Publications; and from: Book of Common Prayer